How to Plant a Laurel Hedge

Laurel hedges are relatively easy to plant, but it is important to get it right as the hedge will establish itself much more quickly and successfully. You need to make it easy for your laurel hedge to get a good root system established.

Decide on the planting line for your laurel hedge. Do not forget to consider encroachment of the root system and branches. You will especially need to consider this if you are planting near a public footpath or bridleway.

It is best to dig a trench twice as wide as the width of the pot or rootball. Place your laurel hedge plants at the desired planting distance, and then fill the trench with the top fill, or ideally, high quality compost.

When is the best time of year to plant a laurel hedge?

You can plant a laurel hedge at virtually any time of the year however most garden experts will agree that the best time to plant your new laurel hedge is in the autumn, especially if you are using cheaper bare-root hedging. The cool moderate weather at this time of year, combined with making sure the roots are kept moist, will give the plants time to establish themselves; putting down new roots so that they will not be as susceptible to the hot dry weather that comes with the summer months. Why autumn and not spring? Because the soil is warmer.